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Dark Chamber Music

Headphone Concerts 



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review in Seismograph (DK)

Quote in the Scandinavian magazine for art and music:                              

"...Genre-wise, we were presented songs that were a mixture of Leonard Cohen’s melancholy and Laurie Anderson’s electronics, a sound that also included opera, layered harmony, live sampling, soundscapes and live footage..." 

Els Mondelaers and Dyane Donck are currently working together on the new show THE CORONA DRAWINGS  with the Gumboy Orchestra from the Dyane Donck Company.

22.05.22 - Concordia - Enschede - 16u

24.05.22 - O. - Festival Rotterdam - Schouwburg - 21u

29.05.22 - Culturele Zondagen Breda - Chassé Theater - 16u

More info about the Corona Drawings is HERE.

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